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Our palates know no border here at Newtopia Cyder. Inspired by the plant hunters of the Victorian era, we scour the globe for exotic botanicals to concoct irresistible cyder.


The IPC mosaic dry-hopped cider is produced from an old world process with new world ingredients. A dry cider with an apple forward taste with a hint of hop.


A Belgian Saison cyder made with elderberry, cardamom and pineapple.


An off-dry cyder with hints of eucalyptus and hibiscus. Semi-Sweet cyder is typically paired with sausage, cheese and melon.


Our Wyld cider is an off-dry funky, earthy sweet and sour cider made with marionberry.

The Craft Of Cyder

From Fruit To Festivity

Although the process of cyder making was mastered by the ancient Greeks, we saw some room for improvement.


Our cyder is influenced by traditional European styles that go back centuries. To honor that legacy, we start the craft using 100% West Coast apples from family farms in the Northwest– some of the best apples in the world (excepting the Garden of Eden). And Newtopia’s own orchard in the San Diego area will offer a highly limited release of artisanal cyders made entirely from local apples.


Craft cyder is only possible with fresh-pressed juice-never frozen, never from concentrate (blasphemy!). After cold pressing in world-class facilities, the juice arrives at Newtopia within 24 hours so we can begin its transformation into a truly grand cyder!


Apples are great. Fermented apples are otherworldy. The magic of microbiology transforms this storied fruit from humble beginnings to your next great dinner party or back yard BBQ.


Similar to the dry-hopping process in brewing, we add a wide variety of house-dried and ground spices and other botanicals to our cyder after fermentation. Inspired by the plant hunters of the Victorian era, we scour the globe for exotic botanicals, using proprietary methods to craft irresistible concoctions.


Good things come to those who wait. Embracing that philosophy, the Newtopia team approaches this palate-driven endeavor with a wealth of patience. Giving cyder time to mature helps create an incredibly aromatic and effervescent beverage that you won’t soon forget.


We’re proud to share our cyder with you. After all, we should be! It’s crafted with the purest botanical ingredients, foraged from the four corners of the Earth. It’s a labor of love. To ensure our cyder reaches you without losing its luster, we spend a great deal of time properly packaging in kegs, growlers, crowlers, and traditional cans and bottles.

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