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Invest in Your Corporation

Add value to your business by giving employees attention to their mental health and well-being. Our specialized benefits and exclusive tools strengthen your team’s culture in and out of the corporate space. 

Your Formal Invitation

Why Join Our Wellness Society?

You have the power to be the voice of the people at your corporation.

By investing in this membership, you will have the platform to shift workplace wellness by humanizing and individualizing it.

Leave it in our hands, as you relax and witness our team of experts organize authentic experiences for your valued individuals.

The Social Wellness Society and its morale-boosting events are exciting! It’s a fantastic initiative, and I can’t wait to learn more about the events Newtopia planned for 2024.

Sabra Baran, Patient Experience Coordinator, Auto-Ness

All-Access to 2024 Wellness Events

Wellness Events

All employees are invited to participate in experiences that are specifically tailored to our holistic approach of wellness. Premium access to Social, Occupational, Physical, Emotional, Financial, Spiritual, Intellectual, and Environmental focused events are exclusive for society members. 

Strategic Partners

Strategic Partnerships

Unlock deals, discounts, and conveniences with the connection to our partner’s services. Fulfilling the circle of wellness, every component offers a trusted partner for you and the members of your company. 

Free Membership

Complimentary + Free Services

At Newtopia, we take charge of organizing your weekly, monthly, and yearly events. Say goodbye to the hassle of searching for off-site venues that meet all your requirements. Our services are included at no extra charge, offering you comprehensive event coordination. Let us handle the details for you.

Corporate Drink Specials

Drink Deals for All!

All employees including senior and junior-level management, mid-level management, and entry-level staff can access discounts on our hard ciders any day of the week. Just by being a FREE member, individuals will have the opportunity to unwind and reconnect after work. Our team is constantly searching for budget-neutral methods to contribute to your financial wellness. 

Impact on Workplace Culture

Culture Impact

Build on your team’s camaraderie by decompressing from the fluorescent lights and re-engaging in a beautiful and diverse environment. The ambiance of our tasting room, both indoors and outdoors, revolutionizes human connection and trust. We are promoting inclusion, and creating experiences that cater to all increases positivity and productivity in the workplace.

Community Building and Networking

Community + Networking

All members have the opportunity to engage in industry-specific networking events, fostering connections with like-minded individuals beyond the corporate sphere. Additionally, our corporate community gatherings significantly contribute to the social and intellectual well-being for our partners.

Wellness Newsletter

Wellness Newsletter

Access our all-in-one wellness newsletter. Every month, employees have free entry to read variety in engaging content, including: tips for all 8 areas of wellness, delicious recipes with hard cider pairings, exciting off-site events, advice for maintaining well-being at work, the latest industry buzz, and the spotlight on our hottest cider of the month. This is your key component to staying informed and inspired this year.

Gain Employee Insights

Survey + White Paper

As a part of wellness, our team will survey and compile employee insights into a white paper, pinpointing the needs and aspirations of your corporate office. Our tailored events are designed to match these findings, fostering engagement, teamwork, and creativity. We welcome you the better opportunity to learn and connect to your company based on employee preferences.

If you have questions regarding our Social Wellness Society, please contact us further!